NEWCASTLE knight boards

NEWCASTLE knight boards 1 5 5 1
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For little knights

Knights and sometimes even some princesses furnish their bed with these brilliant NEWCASTLE knight boards. These NEWCASLE knight elements are - same as all WOODLAND pieces of furniture - optionally available in pine and beech. In addition to the natural variant the knight boards are also available in gray and white varnish.

                                     1/2 long side
Loft bed 1/2 long side


All in all there are 4 different knight boards available in order to fit all bed equipment components perfectly.   

1/4 long side                                   
Loft bed 1/4 long side




Therefore it is important to decide where the ladder or (if desired) a slide are positioned on your WOODLAND bed. There is one elements for the head/foot side, two elements for the long side of the bed as well as one element for the ladder exit in order to secure it.


                                      Ladder security  
Loft bed ladder security

The element for the ladder exit is inserted into so called U-profiles and can be closed with brass sliding bars.

Head/foot side                                      
Loft bed head/food side




Please note that it is not possible to attach the rope support beam at a head/foot side if you wish to add a NEW CASTLE knight board to this head/foot side as well. The reason is that you have to take off the upmost railing beam at this head/foot side where you wish to add the castle board so that its battlement tops have enough space.




The board thickness is 20 mm.

Delivery includes

Including fastening material, excluding decoration extras.



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