LINA curtains

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With LINA bed curtains, in combination with our curtain rods, a cosy cave can be created under every WOODLAND bed. In addition, the curtains can also be used to create excellent colourful accents. Just like the curtain rods, the curtains are available in 4 different widths to achieve the desired result. The curtains can be adjusted in height from 80 cm to 115 cm thanks to the tunnel seam sewn into the back of the curtains. This corresponds to the WINNIPEG loft bed construction level 3 and 4 and the bunk beds construction level 4 and 5.

Stoffe Bettvorhang Hochbett



Width depending on version approx. 43 cm / 95 cm / 136 cm. The height of the mounted curtains is approx. 115 cm and can be adjusted to approx. 80 cm.

Delivery includes

Curtain without curtain rod or decoration.