Readiness for delivery

Orders placed until 02.06.2022 can be delivered in the calendar week 25 beginning with 20.06.2022 in EU countries. Orders which are being placed afterwards will be delivered in the week beginning with 18.07.2022.
No matter in which way you place your order - just a few days after receiving your order placement we will send you an order confirmation in post/mail including the indication of delivery date / delivery week, list of items you have ordered, terms of payment and further important details. Additionally you will receive your order confirmation via E-Mail as PDF attachment.

On the order form must fill in at least one telephone number so that we and our delivery partner are able to reach you in case of occuring questions and in order to agree on a delivery date. Please remember to inform us while you place your order via E-Mail or telephone if your delivery address differs from your invoice address.

What do I have to pay attention on with regard to delivery?

On the order confirmation you do find an indication of the delivery week. Please remember to provide at lest one or better two telephone numbers (land line and mobile number) to give our forwarding agency/delivery partner an opportunity to call you and agree with you on a certain delivery date in the delivery week. This call will be done the latest in the delivery week stated on your order confirmation and invoice when the ordered goods have arrived in a depot/warehouse close to your address. Please do not hesitate to inform us if there are any imprtant changes, such as telephone number.
If you live outside of the UK but in the EU the delivery week is usually the same as stated above. If you live outside of the EU please contact WOODLAND customer.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs to England (mainland UK) are 149 €. This delivery costs do not apply to islands. In this case we would kindly ask you to contact WOODLAND customer service and ask for delivery costs to your address. The delivery is possible to the first lockable door of your home. No matter where you are the WOODLAND team will find the most suitable forwarding agency that is able to deliver quickly and safely. Please contact the customer service to find out about delivery costs to other countries, e.g. USA.

What are the delivery possibilities?

Since the delivery of a WOODLAND bed and accessories contains of a huge package amoung and weight we do always work with the most suitabel and efficent freight agency in order to as safe and fast as possible. We do always aim to deliver all items you have ordered in one go. Of course we will use a different parcel service such as UPS/GLS/DHL if it possible e.g. when you have ordered a smal item which is available. The prize might vary. Please contact WOODLAND customer service.

I live on the 3rd floor. Is the furniture going to be carried up into my flat?

Unfortunately most delivery services do only deliver "to the first door of the house". This means that if you live in an apartment building the first door would be the entrance door of the apartment. The delivery men are not obligated to carry the items up into your floor. Nevertheless our furniture is packed into several individual packages, which are not too heavy for one person to carry.

Do I have to sign a paper when the delivery arrives?

When your ordered products arrive please check if you notice damage on the delivery package, in which case we can assume that the content is also affected. You do not have to open the packages directly but we would rather ask you to note these damage down on the delivery note of the forwarder, so that the insurance will cover the damage and delivery cost. Also, please check carefully if the number of packages you received and the number of packages (collies) indicated on the delivery note is the SAME.




Simple and safe order from home

Here at WOODLAND you can place your order comfortably and without rist because you have the return warranty. Furthermore you profit from all trademark rights of the new Distance Selling Regulations, which ensure a certain level of protection of consumers purchasing items via the internet and mail order trade. You can use our PDF-order form and print it out yourself or you can simply use our Onlineshop.

Order by fax

You can simply fill out the order form and fax it to the following number: 0049 2133 248217. On the order form you can list the products you wish to receive or simply write down the quotation number.

Order by post/mail

Of course you could post us the order form. You should just remember to use a stamped envelope and send it to this address:

Kielerstr. 11
41540 Dormagen

Our address is already printed in the field for envepoles with viewing window.

Order by telephone

You could place your order by telephone as long as you send us the order form by fax, post or e-mail at a later date.

Does WOODLAND deliver abroad as well?

Yes we are able to deliver WOODLAND children's furniture worldwide. We are always keen to work with efficient and reliable delivery partners to provide our furniture to customers all over the world, e.g. in Singapore, Moscow, New York or Cape Town. In this case WOODLAND covers the delivery costs up to the German border. If you are interested to find out about the delivery costs to your country please do not hesitate to contact us. Plese rember to privide your complete address and a list of items you are interested in. Do not forget to mention which wood choice you are intersted in and we will try to prepare a quotation as soon as possible.





Wood with very few knot!

The ecological children's furniture from WOODLAND are made of solid pine or beech wood (1st class quality). This not only looks visually appealing but also guarantees a better stability of the beams, especially in bending loads. Thus, high loads, e.g. when using a seat hammock attached to the bed there are not a problem.  

What is the added value?

An adventure bed with two sleeping levels, e.g. the MONTEREY, it is made up of almost 50 meters of wood! The longest wooden parts are up to 220 cm long. It is clear that the stability of an adventure bed depends largely on the beam thickness and the resulting size and number of contact surfaces of the connected beams. Only in the MONTEREY adventure bed, there are more than 160 contact surfaces, which are firmly connected to each other by carriage bolts thus ensuring greater stability.

Pine or beech?

Ecological WOODLAND children's furniture is available on request not only from pinewood, but also from first-class, solid beech wood. This is known to have a very hard surface and is therefore less sensitive to dents and other mechanical stress. Compared to pine wood, beech wood also has smaller pores, which make the wood easier to care for and make them resistant to liquids. Even if the price for beech is a bit higher, beech wood is the ideal material for many parents, especially since beech wood furniture is often present in the nursery and the adventurous bed should match the rest of the beech furniture.

Why we do not use Spruce wood?

WOODLAND's solid pinewood is harder than spruce wood. Spruce wood, however, has a softer surface and is therefore usually processed only by low-cost suppliers, who usually do not care about the quality. In a "fingernail test", one can easily recognize the softer surface of spruce beams. In addition, the many small branches are typical of spruce wood. These are not just a bad quality feature in furniture but often lead to resin leakage or loose knotholes.

What are the benefits of untreated wood surfaces?

WOODLAND's solid pinewood is harder than spruce wood. Spruce wood, however, has a softer surface and is therefore usually processed only by low-cost suppliers, who usually do not care about the quality. In a "fingernail test", one can easily recognize the softer surface of spruce beams. In addition, the many small branches are typical of spruce wood. These are not just a bad quality feature in furniture but often lead to resin leakage or loose knotholes.

What are the benefits of untreated wood surfaces?

Advantage No. 1: Ecological children's furniture made of untreated wood is ideal for a healthy environment: the wood can optimally emphasize its function as a "regulator" of the air humidity in the room. Especially in the winter months when dry heating air causes the airways of our children to dry out easily, untreated wood surfaces are more or less like a moisturizing "sponge".

Advantage No. 2: The care advantage: According to experience, children sometimes paint on furniture, e.g. with pencils or crayons. Unwanted paintings or soiling can then be removed with a little emery paper and a vacuum cleaner easier than with cleaning agents. On the other hand, a surface treated with wax or oil is less easily sanded off. Paint stains (such as pencils) are even "transported in" more strongly into the wood with a surface treatment (oil, wax).

Advantage No. 3: The cost and timesaving should not be underestimated. An adventure bed is made up of several meters of beam material, which must be painted in a four-step surface treatment, in several operations! It takes a lot of wax and a lot of time. However, we can gladly take over this service for you for an extra charge. We also offer colored treatments.

Advantage No. 4: Untreated wood is better for children's hands when climbing and thus more child-friendly.





What tools do I need to assembly a WOODLAND bed?

To assemble our furniture you need a rubber mallet, a ratchet wrench (10mm) and a screwdriver. Better, still an electric screwdriver.

How do I find the construction manuals as quickly as possible within all these packages?

If an ordered item consists of several packages (for example, an adventure bed), you will recognize the package with the construction instructions on the sticker "Building instructions inside". Please read the assembly instructions before mounting and follow all instructions.

What should I do with the packages?

If possible, the packaging should be kept, as you may need it later: e.g. if you need to transport the furniture again later for a move or a resale. The boxes require little space when unfolded.  

Can I also assembly the bed mirrored?

In general, you can assembly each WOODLAND bed mirrored.

Can I hang a climbing rope at the head or foot of the bed (short side)?

You can replace the rope-holding bar with the upper end bar of the parapet. Please note, however, that the rope support bar is then assembled approx. 25 cm lower than normal.


Why not an adjustable slatted frame?

In principle, the "rigid" slatted frames are more stable, because they are also reinforced to provide more than enough stability and support when romping. A vertical load of about 400 kg is not a problem for our beds.
An adjustment of the head or foot part is critical in adventure beds, as the angle of adjustment and the additional height may cause the children to lose balance when jumping.

Can I also get another mattress size from WOODLAND?

Standard mattress size is 90 x 197cm. If you wish, we can also produce 100 x 200 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 90 x 190 cm or any conceivable measure. Simply contact our friendly customer service.

Can I use the mattress that I already own for a WOODLAND bed?

Our mattresses are matched by the degree of hardness on our slatted frames.
In addition, we only have mattresses in the program that meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Just compare your mattress with our products and ask yourself if it would meet our requirements. Please also make sure that it is breathable, has a removable cover (washable up to 60 ° C) and offers a correspondingly high level of sleeping comfort. We not recommend mattresses made of natural fibers for our beds, as these are often not "flexible" enough.

Do I have to pay attention on a maximum overall height of a mattress?

You should already make sure that the mattresses have a total height between 14 cm and 18 cm. Should it be thicker, we ask you to inform us when ordering the bed, so that we can adjust the fall protection strips accordingly.




Why sloping bed ladders are not suitable for adventure beds?

Sloping ladders have serious disadvantages: the risk of accidents is greater, because sloping stairs with wider steps can lead to typical staircase accidents.
This danger is especially because such sloping stairs are not infrequently also used "backwards", i.e. the child is not facing the bed and at times has only two or fewer body contacts (one hand and one foot). The standard vertical bed ladders from WOODLAND are, in contrast, the better choice: thanks to the active (bed-facing) climbing, the children always have at least three points of contact with the bed and can grip the rounded wood rungs better than the flat, deep steps when climbing. When slipping on round rung, the child can also always catch up and is thus virtually "secured".
In addition, daily climbing on a vertical ladder also strengthens and trains the child's trunk muscles - much more so than the more "comfortable" sloping stairs with (too) wide steps. A vertical ladder also promotes safe handling of play and gym equipment - making it a better choice.

GS- and Euro-Norm for loft and bunk bed being inadequate?

The typical bunk bed accident is caused by the fact that the children on the upper sleeping level are accidentally pushed by other playmates and then fall over the edge of a much too low parapet, in relation to the Euro-Norms for safety. WOODLAND therefore uses only 70 cm high standing parapets (more than twice the Euro standard). This can be reduced later, when the child has reached a reasonable age, by installing the mattress beams to a higher assembly hole. Practical here is that the standing height under the sleeping level increased by 30 cm, which creates additional space for a desk surface.

At what age is a WOODLAND bed suitable for my child?

WOODLAND Adventure Beds are suitable for children as early as the first year. WOODLAND has the right furniture combination for every child of every age.
With the WINNIPEG, WOODLAND was the first supplier to develop a height-adjustable loft bed, which is suitable as an entry-level bed for children as young as the first year of life and can therefore be fitted from the beginning to appropriate age. Due to the optionally different assembly heights of the bed shelf, the bed can always be adjusted to the motor skills of the child.
However, if you do not want to "start" with the WINNIPEG loft bed, you can get into the furniture system with the baby cradle LULLEBY or the ALABAMA cot in the first year of your child's life.