Service which really helps.

WOODLAND offers you service performance which is unchallenged across the children’s furniture industry. This begins with the possibility of visiting a WOODLAND reference family and goes up to the preparation of your individual quotation and finally up to our acts as intermediary in the provision of suitable assemblers for the construction in your children's room.


Honest advice

"If you don't aim for the best, don't be surprised when it turns out mediocre."

When buying furniture it is exactly the same: With WOODLAND you receive the necessary advice for an intelligent decision without regrets. We have prepared many useful tips and tricks, because the members of staff at WOODLAND have children who have grown up with adventure beds and therefore recognise the needs and desires of you and your child. Whether it is the right choice of mattress or which bed model is most suitable for your child or even questions on the topic of special finishes, we will take the time to work out a detailed non-obligatory offer to suit your wishes. You should simply contact our WOODLAND Customer Service: 0207 112 8107 (within the UK) or 0049 2133 248 219 (outside of the UK)

   Special finishes service

Maybe you really want a WOODLAND product but the standard measurements do not fit your child's room? A sloping roof gets in the way? A wall is too short? The standard slats are too small? No problem! Special finishes are available at WOODLAND for a price which could surprise you. This is also valid for special finishes produced for handicapped children which can be done in accordance with your medical insurance.


Storage Service

If you are not able to be at home at the suggested delivery week it is no problem to delay the the delivery? Here it is important to let us know as early as possible which delivery week you perpare to avoide unnecessary attempst of delivery.  Please contact our customer service for advise and for the set up of an agreement of a later delivery week.


Guarantee Service

We offer a six year guarantee for all beam parts on all WOODLAND bunk beds. (This guarantee does not cover damages on articles which have occurred due to improper handling). Over and above we offer WOODLANDs useful, currently unlimited availability on all spare parts, replacement pieces, fittings, accessories or conversion parts for all adventure bed models - that means everything will be compatible if you want to adjust it at a later date.




Delivery Service

Delivery costs to England (mainland UK) are 149 €. This delivery costs do not apply to islands. In this case we would kindly ask you to contact WOODLAND customer service and ask for delivery costs to your address. The delivery is possible to the first lockable door of your home. No matter where you are the WOODLAND team will find the most suitable forwarding agency that is able to deliver quickly and safely. Please contact the customer service to find out about delivery costs to other countries, e.g. USA.