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"The adventure beds which have been on the market at that point of time did not meet my ideas and expectations "

Children and parents "straight from the heart"

The mail order firm WOODLAND was founded in 1992. Within a few short years the organisations founder Gabriele vom Hofe had made the firm the unchallenged leader and trendsetter in the German market for high quality children's adventure furniture. The resulting customer orientation led to an intelligent range of products. These products are adaptable to the child's needs and do not only have in mind to suit the maximum customer use, but also to move young families deeply with regard to WOODLANDs child friendly shaping, clever multifunctionality and individual design. In this respect, various early experiences our organisations founder Gabriele vom Hofe has made as a mother of two children inure to the benefit of our customers.Gabriele vom Hofe explains: "The adventure beds which have been on the market at that point of time did not meet my ideas and expectations of a good combination of price-performance relationship, environmentally friendly production, flexibility, design and safety. Therefore there was nothing else I could do except produce my own ideal adventure bed for our children with the help of an experienced carpentry crew.” This is how a successful business idea was born.

Woodland Children's furniture Managing Director

Environmental protection beginning with the purchase of raw materials

wood   The wood used in the production of WOODLAND furniture has been purchased from sustainable forests this means the ecological balance of the forests is protected. Likewise the forest is just a short distance away from the sawmill which protects our environment as well. Our 1st class wood is selected to be as low in knot content as possible. It does not come from remote forests and does not have to be transported an unnecessarily long distance by polluting vehicles but is nearby where our own strong regulations are enforced, protecting the environment. Therefore the kind of wood we use represents a significant contribution to the environment through its purchase.


Social engagement

Since 2005 WOODLAND supports the humanitarian organisationn children first e.V. / onlus This organisation aims to help suffering children in various conflict zones all over the world since 2002. Under the leadership of Sylvia Eibl children first, wholeheartedly, places a special focus on humanitarian relief operations, such as food distribution, medical care and improvement of the living conditions of children and their families in need worldwide.   some


Ausbildung bei WOODLAND

ihk   WOODLAND ist seit 2003 ein von der IHK Nordrheinwestfalen zertifizierter Ausbildungsbetrieb. Zur Zeit wird ein Kaufmann für Bürokommunikation ausgebildet.