CONNY porthole boards

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 3/4 long side                            
Loft bed pirate 3/4

For those children who would like to give their WOODLAND bed a personal touch of fun with pirate atmosphere the CONNY porthole boards are the perfect match next to our ships wheel. These CONNY porthole boards are - same as all WOODLAND pieces of furniture - optionally available in pine and beech.

                          1/2 long side
Loft bed pirate 1/2

All in all there are 5 different porthole boards available in order to fit all bed equipment components perfectly. Therefore it is important to decide where the ladder and maybe (if desired) the slide are positioned on your WOODLAND bed.

Head/foot side                         
Loft bed pirate head/foot side

There is one porthole element for the head/foot side and three different elements for the long side and one for the ladder entrance of the bed available.

                          1/4 long side
Loft bed pirate 1/4

The porthole boards which cover one half (1/2) and one quarter (1/4) cannot be assembled next to each other. In this case you must choose the porthole element which covers three quarters. 

Ladder security                        
Loft bed ladder security

The element for the ladder entrance is being hold by four U-profiles and can be taken out of these one-handed. You can lock the entrance by pushing two brass locking bars.




The port diameter of the portholes is 23 cm. The board thickness is 20 mm.

Delivery includes

Including fastening material, excluding bed and decoration extras.

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