LONG ISLAND slide platform

LONG ISLAND slide platform 1 5 5 1
As low as €68.00

Usually slides take up a lot of space in a children's room. But through the use of a slide platform you can save a lot of space, because it is possible to rearrange the angle between the bed and the slide and its positioning. The assembly of the slide platform is possible at every WOODLAND bunk bed that has an upper bunk (and at the WINNIPEG model in its third and fourth assembly option). A small supplementary safety bar - which is included if you order a slide platform - guarantees a safe entrance to the slide. One to two additional support posts guarantee further stability of the platform.

If you choose platform A it is required to assemble the ladder next to the corner beam at the other end of the long side of the bed in order to have enough space left for climbing up.


Draufsicht Hochbett mit Rutsche und Podest B




With platform B, just as with platform A, it is not possible to mount the ladder on the long side directly next to the slide.



Draufsicht Hochbett mit Rutsche und Podest C 


Platform C can be mounted on the front and on the rear long side. The ladder is then mounted on the head or foot side.


Platform D is assembled at the head or foot side of the upper bunk.





By choosing the railing set E the entrance to the slide can be assembled onto the head or foot side of the bed without any need of an additional platform.