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Even an adult finds enough space to sit beneath the MISSISSIPI loft bed because the standing height under the slatted mattress foundation is 150 cm high. Shelves or cupboards can be placed easily under this loft bed as well. If additional space is needed in your children's room - e.g. for a place your child can do its homework properly or a computer - then our additional NASHVILLE desk is the perfect match. It can be attached on the back side (wall side) of the bed or at the head or foot side but going to the outside of the bed.  The MILWAUKEE bed shelves with 30 cm depth or the JEREMEY container on wheels are a perfect match in combination with the NASHVILLE desk.  

The MISSISSIPPI loft bed equals the WINNIPEG loft bed assembly option 5. Though it excludes the additional material of beams which is required for the further assembly options (1 to 4). Since the height of the upper guard railings is reduced this assembly option is rather suitable for children above the age of 11.


Loft bed MISSISSIPPI convertible


 Woodland children’s furniture system is set up in a modular way with its practical beam construction and offers lots of possibilities to convert the design or add something to it with regard to the age and needs of your child. All WOODLAND beds are compatible to each other. This means that you are always able to transform your given model into any other model. Additional sleeping or playing levels, tower extensions, back and armrest sets, as well as bed and play accessories can be added to any WOODLAND model. In order to support the best flexibility to our customers with regard to this future transformation possibilities all necessary bore holes are already given in each WOODLAND model. Furthermore you do also have the possibility to connect different bed models to each other and create a “big bed landscape”.

A range of different conversion sets for the MISSISSIPPI loft bed can be found here.  





Height 220 cm (central vertical beam), Length 210 cm, Depth 102 cm, Standing height under the upper bunk is 150 cm. The height of the vertical corner beams is 194 cm. The mattress size is 90 cm x 197 cm. Alternatively 90 cm x 190 cm is also available on demand. Please write us an e-mail when you have placed your order and wish to receive this mattress size. The height of the upper guard railing is 32 cm minus the mattress height.


Delivery content

All the necessary beams and screws required for the construction of the MISSISSIPPI loft bed, 1 slatted mattress foundation, 1 ladder with gripping handles, all safety bars and a comprehensible construction manual. The safety bars (between the upper guard railing and the mattress) are included as standard even on the long side of the bed that is next to a wall, so that the children do not slip with their feet between the wall and the mattress. Delivery excludes mattress, toy crane, bed shelves, desks, cot bar set and decoration extras.

Loft bed MISSISSIPPI Dimensions

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