MEMPHIS children's bed white

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Youth bed & children's bed with lots of storage room


With its mattress size of 90 x 197 cm the MEMPHIS children's bed fits into every child’s room and offers more than a simple and beautiful alternative not only for your child. Two spacious drawers mounted on roller bearings with security stop provide lots of storage room and are already part of the delivery same as the one slatted mattress foundation.  

Children's bed MEMPHIS with cot bar set

The MEMPHIS children's bed can also be completed with an optional cot bar set in order to suit the needs of a younger child. The big mattress size measurement offers an ideal playpen area which will help your child learning to walk by using the safety bars. This cot bar set consists of four solid (head/foot side and back/wall side) bar frames and two removable front bar frames which can be easily removed with one hand. This is quite useful if you carry a child in one arm. Due to the sliding latch underneath the removable frames you can prevent undesired escapes. 

Children's bed MEMPHIS with back and armrest set


 Same as all lower bunks of our WOODLAND bed models it can be completed with a back and armrest set or a pillow set in order to make it more comfortable. With both variants (cot bar set or back and armrest set) you will receive higher vertical beams which will replace the regular smaller ones. 

Children's bed MEMPHIS convertible 


Of course our MEMPHIS children's bed from WOODLAND is also set up in a modular way with its practical beam construction and offers lots of possibilities to convert this bed model into many other bed models via a conversion set. For example via conversion set into a MONTEREY bunk bed you will gain another sleeping level without losing space in your children's room. This is especially useful if a second child is coming and brothers and sisters have to share one room.

A range of different conversion sets for the MEMPHIS children's bed can be found Sie here.








Height 36 cm, Length 210 cm, Depth 102 cm. The mattress size is 90 cm x 197 cm. Alternatively 90 cm x 190 cm is also available on demand.  Please write us an e-mail when you have placed your order and wish to receive this mattress size.


Delivery content

All the necessary beams and screws required for the construction of the MEMPHIS children's bed, 1 slatted mattress foundation, 2 drawers and a comprehensible construction manual. Delivery excludes mattress, cot bar set, back and armrest set and decoration extras.


Children's bed MEMPHIS dimensions

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