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The adaptable baby cot 

Baby cot transformed to bunk bed

The large mattress size of 90 x 197 cm makes the ALABAMA baby cot an investment for the future, because the need of a bigger mattress/bed at a later date is avoided from the beginning. This makes the ALABAMA baby cot for a perfect introduction into the modular WOODLAND furniture system. At the same time this measurement of 90 x 197 cm offers an ideal playpen area to help your child learning to walk by using the cot bars. Also this bed measurement offers enough space even if mom and dad have to lie down in this bed at night as well. The cot bar set consists of four solid cot bar frames (head/foot side and back/wall side) and two removable front cot bar frames which have a special security mechanism you have to use in order to open it. It is even possible to remove a front cot bar frame easily with one hand. The spacious drawers run on resilient roller bearings and have a security stop suitable for children. Furthermore the high quality untreated solid wood which is free of any harmful substances creates a healthy living environment in your child's room.


Baby cot with back and arm rest set

Thanks to our conversion sets it is of course also possible to convert the ALABAMA baby cot cost saving into another WOODLAND bed model.  A quite easy conversion is done by transforming the ALABAMA baby cot into a MEMPHIS children's bed. But any other conversion is also possible which is an huge advantage due to our bigger mattress size, whereas smaller baby cots with a mattress size of 70 x 140 cm do not last that long and have to be exchanged fully.


Height 92,5 cm, Length 211 cm, Depth 102 cm. The mattress size is 90 cm x 197 cm. Alternatively 90 cm x 190 cm is also available on demand. Please write us an e-mail when you have placed your order and wish to receive this mattress size. Cot bar height is 63 cm minus the mattress height. The height of the mattress should not extend 12,5 cm because a higher mattress would not correspond to the Euro norm.


Delivery includes

All the necessary beams and screws required for the construction of the ALABAMA baby cot, 1 slatted mattress foundation, 2 drawers, 2 removable front cot bar frame pieces, 4 fixed solid cot bar pieces and a comprehensible construction manual. Delivery excludes mattress and decoration extras.


Baby cot ALABAMA dimensions

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