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Bunk bed glazed white with beautiful details

The right angled bunk bed CALGARY for children creates one of the most unique, fun and cozy children's room due the lower bunk which has been relocated by 90°. The lower bunk can be rounded up by adding a back and armrest set or a cot bar set for smaller children. The free space between the vertical beams underneath the upper bunk offers room for the attachment of MILWAUKEE bed shelves. Also the NASHVILLE desk can be attached to back side of the long side of the bed or it can also be attached to the head or foot side of the bed going to the outside. A mirror inverted assembly also possible with the ladder next to the left vertical corner beam and the lower bunk being next to the right corner beam is also possible at any time.

Bunk bed cot bar setMILWAUKEE bed shelves, CONNY porthole boards, NEW CASTLE knight boards or LILLY princess boards can be complemented to the upper bunk to this bed model same as to any WOODLAND bed. A huge number of additional accessories such as a KENTUCKY toy crane, a ships wheel or LINA curtain rails can be attached to several spots which transform the CALGARY bunk bed into a dreamlike and individual children’s bed. The upper railing beam of the head/foot side of the upper bunk can be exchanged with the rope support beam. This does give you the opportunity to attach the climbing rope or a hammock seat at the corner beam position. As result the height of the rope support beam is being reduced from 220 cm to 194 cm which is why we advise you to make extra knots more into the rope which will make it shorter.  The attachment of the rope support beam at the head/foot side of the bed is not possible if a NEW CASTLE or LILLY princess board is being attached to this head or foot side at the same time. The LONG ISLAND slide is chosen quite often also to this bed. The slide is being attached next to the ladder at the long side of the bed (if you do not add one of our LONG ISLAND platforms to it).

Bunk bed whiteHere you are also able to exchange the position of the ladder with the position of the slide in order to get a better access to the drawers or the lower bunk as such. If you decide to add a platform (e. g. platform D) to this configuration with the slide then other attachments of the slide to this bed are possible as well. This bed structure comes with two spacious drawers mounted on roller bearings which provide plenty of storage room. The delivery of this bed does also include two slatted mattress foundations which are fixed to bed by each slat and made of solid wood as well. These do provide an enormous loading capacity and not a bouncing castle.

In addition and without the need of ordering a conversion set or any extra parts the CALGARY bunk bed can be set up a WINNIPEG loft bed with its five different assembly options. This is why the upper bunk of the CALGARY model can be raised upwards by 32 cm. The upper bunk is then adjusted one level higher (150 cm under the upper bunk) same as the fifth assembly option of the WINNIPEG loft bed. In this case the rope support beam is being taken of (or is being attached to the head/foot side of the bed). Please note that the height of the upper guard rails is being halved.


Bunk bed white convertible






Woodland children’s furniture system is set up in a modular way with its practical beam construction and offers lots of possibilities to convert the design or add something to it with regard to the age and needs of your child. Via conversion set you will be able to set up a MEMPHIS youth bed separately for example. But of course you do also have the opportunity to transform the given CALGARY bunk bed into any other WOODLAND loft or bunk bed model. Thus you can rely on long term flexibility with regard to future transformation possibilities.

Here you will find a range of different conversion sets for the CALGARY bunk bed.









Height 220 cm (central vertical beam), Length 210 cm, Depth 210 cm, Standing height below the upper bunk is 118 cm. The height of the vertical corner posts is 194 cm and 36 cm. The mattress size is 90 cm x 197 cm. Alternatively 90 cm x 190 cm is also available on demand. Please write us an e-mail when you have placed your order and wish to receive this mattress size. The height of the upper guard railing from the slatted mattress foundation is 70 cm minus the mattress height.


Delivery content

All necessary beams and screws required for the assembly of the CALGARY bunk bed (white glazed), 2 slatted mattress foundations, 2 drawers, ladder with gripping handles, arch with the WOODLAND logo, all around safety bars for the upper bunk and the assembly instruction. The safety rails (between the guard rail and mattress) are also found on the wall side of the bed to prevent a child from falling into the space between the wall and the mattress. Delivery excludes mattresses, toy crane, bed shelves, desk, cot bar set, back and armrest set, ship's wheel, hammock seat, sail, porthole boards, new castle or princess boards, climbing rope and decorations.


Bunk white dimensions

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