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The practical playpen

Bunk bed AMARILLO cot bar pine
By adding the spacious cot bar set onto your loft or bunk bed you create the perfect "practice area" or crib for children who are learning to crawl and walk. At the same time you avoid the purchase of a baby bed in a smaller size which you may then use only for a kind of short period of time. Another advantage is that you as a parent will find enough space to lay down with your baby as well.

Bunk bed AMARILLO pine

It is no problem to remove the cot bar set at a later point of time for example by adding a fitting back and armrest set. Each cot bar set consists of two removable cot bar parts in the front of the bed. The head/foot and back side cot bar parts are fixed to the bed. The front parts have a special safety mechanism with an additional safety locking bolt which prevents being opened by your children. 


The height of the front cot bar parts for the long side of the bed is 63 cm, the cot bar parts on the head/foot side are 51 cm high. The mattress should not be higher than 12,5 cm in order to remain within the given Euro norm.

Delivery includes

All beams, U-profiles, cot bar parts and screws for a cot bar set for the lower sleeping level. The cot bar set for the Gran Canyon only includes cot bars for the lower sleeping level of the Calgary section (the lower sleeping level offset by 90°). Delivery without bed, mattresses or decoration.