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  1. ROBBY over hanging table
    The practical ROBBY over hanging table can be easily attached onto the upper guard rails of each WOODLAND loft or bunk bed. Combined with a back and armrest set it can also be assembled onto the head/foot side of a lower bunk or a freestanding bed. Learn More
    As low as €116.41
  2. LUCY marble slide
    The LUCY marble slide consists of two "jump starts", two bells, a tunnel and it is approx. 157 cm high. The marble slide can be set up next to the ladder if you have a CALGARY, AMARILLO or WINNIPEG bed. It is also possible to assemble it to the head/foot side of all other WOODLAND bunk beds. Of course the delivery includes the marbles. Learn More
    As low as €152.27
  3. NASHVILLE desk
    The practical height and the angle adjustability of the NASHVILLE desk allows assembly onto the long side or head/foot side of every WOODLAND bunk bed. Learn More
    As low as €260.17
  4. MAVERICK play tower
    MAVERICK play tower 1 5 5 1
    The MAVERICK play tower can be connected to every WOODLAND bunk bed or loft bed and can be used freestanding as well. A mirror inverted assembly with the ladder on the right corner beam is also possible. Learn More
    As low as €720.00
  5. CAPT'N COOK children's bed
    CAPT'N COOK children's bed 7 4.6 5 1
    The CAPT'N COOK is an ideal sleeping and playing model for rooms with a sloping roof. It offers various assembly options as well: The lower bunk can be detached and used separately with an additional conversion kit (see MEMPHIS model below). Learn More
    As low as €997.31
  6. MEMPHIS children's bed
    MEMPHIS children's bed 12 5 5 1
    The MEMPHIS children's bed has a mattress size of 90 x 197 cm and is not only a nice alternative for teenagers. It can be flexibly rebuilt: with a conversion kit it can be easily transformed e. g. into a WINNIPEG loft bed (or any other WOODLAND model) if younger brothers or sisters would like to "take it over". Learn More
    As low as €536.47
  7. MISSISSIPPI loft bed
    MISSISSIPPI loft bed 8 4.9 5 1
    The MISSISSIPPI loft bed is not only great for children over 11, but it is also excellent for pupils and teenagers who need a convenient and place-saving place to work and sleep. By assembling a NASHVILLE desk (which takes half of the space beneath the bed) and another NASHVILLE extension desk (which then takes the other half beneath the bed) you accomplish additional living space in your child's room. Learn More
    As low as €691.76
  8. AMARILLO bunk bed
    AMARILLO bunk bed 46 5 5 1
    The AMARILLO bunk bed is the right choice for the optimum use of narrow rooms, if it is assembled without the slide. By adding a slide platform the slide can also be attached parallel to the long side of the bed or at the head or foot side of the bed in order to achieve various slide angles, so that there is still enough living space in narrow rooms. Learn More
    As low as €1,185.88
  9. MONTEREY bunk bed
    MONTEREY bunk bed 61 4.9 5 1
    The place-saving MONTEREY bunk bed fits in every child's room and still offers maximum fun on a compact system with two levels! A practical cot bar set (see accessories) optimises the lower level at the beginning for little children. Learn More
    As low as €1,171.76
  10. CALGARY bunk bed
    CALGARY bunk bed 35 4.9 5 1
    The CALGARY bunk bed has a comfortable bunk arrangement. The lower bunk can be separated or transformed at any time via an additional conversion set. You can assemble the lower bunk separately (such as MEMPHIS), parallel to the upper bunk (such as MONTEREY) or sideways (such as AMARILLO) by using a conversion kit. Learn More
    As low as €1,217.15
  11. MAVERICK Spielturm weiß
    MAVERICK Spielturm weiß 1 5 5 1

    Ob freistehend oder als "Erweiterung" an ein vorhandenes WOODLAND-Bett angekoppelt bietet der MAVERICK - Spielturm zahlreiche anbringungsmöglichkeiten für Spielzubehör. Ein spiegelbildlicher Aufbau mit der Leiter am rechten senkrechten Eckbalken ist auch hier jederzeit jederzeit möglich.
    Kostenloser Versand innerhalb der BRD ab 500,-€

    Learn More
    As low as €984.20
  12. Cot bar sets
    Cot bar sets 1 5 5 1
    By adding the spacious cot bar set onto your loft or bunk bed you can create the a playpen for children who are learning to crawl and walk. Learn More
    As low as €291.43
  13. Bed canopy
    Turn your child's bed into a cosy cave for playing and dreaming with our canopy. Learn More
    As low as €25.21
  14. TOMMY bookshelf
    The TOMMY bookshelf is 90 cm wide and can be fitted perfectly between the vertical beams on the back/wall side. This bookshelf is available in two different depths. Learn More
    As low as €193.61
  15. Ladder access guard
    The ladder access guard is placed over the rungs of the ladder from above and thus prevents small children from climbing up the ladder. Learn More
    As low as €70.58
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